Why should you Re-Deck?

There are several reasons to give your Deck a face-lift; but before you start building your new deck, make sure you have a professional come out and inspect your structure and make sure it is still able to hold the new boards properly without any swaying or cracking. Your Deck doesn't have to be torn down if your structure is still good, you will just want to replace the old decking with new decking and railings giving you a brand new deck for less money! Call us today to see how we can help you!

Things to look for when building your new deck :

Wood condition. Examine your posts and other framing members to see if they’re made of treated lumber or not. Treated wood, the material used to frame most decks, will last for decades. Treated lumber should have a familiar green hue. Look for markings that say “.40 treated” or a CCA label that indicates that the wood has been preserved. If the wood is badly stained and you can’t find any stamps, it may come to cutting a thin sliver off the end of some framing with a circular saw and looking at the fresh end, which should have the green tint of preservative around the edges of the cut. If your deck is framed with cedar or redwood, it’s best to start over and reframe it with treated wood. Neither wood will last nearly as long as your low-maintenance deck improvements. Whether your deck framing is treated or not, if a screwdriver penetrates into punky, soft wood anywhere, indicating rot, it’s best to start your deck from scratch Click Here for the Full Article